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Margo Schöpf is a self-taught artist, living in Johannesburg.
Her background is in graphic design, a career she followed for many years, until she decided it was time to give it up and start doing the things she had always wanted to. Painting was one of those things.

Margo says: Whan I first started painting fulltime, my art was almost exclusively inward-looking, dealing with aspects of my identity, pivotal moments and catharsis.

My later work deals more with people and situations, either real or imaginary, who influence my thinking - making sense of my world.

I take inspiration from everything around me - people, chance words, dreams and nightmares, current events, daydreams or music.
I mull over these things, at times for days or weeks, before painting them.
Sometimes I begin with a specific image in mind, while at other times, this image will eventually morph into something 'other', dragged from my subconscious.
When painting, I try not to over-analyze what I am thinking, and concentrate almost entirely on what I am feeling.

All is emotion.

Margo's works are almost all oils, usually on canvas, or board.

Past Exhibitions:
  • Solo Exhibition, ArtEye Gallery May 2014
  • Group Exhibition ’50 Shades of Grey’, ArtEye Gallery March 2014
  • Group Show ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town November 2013
  • Group Exhibition ‘What I Love’, Gallery on 6th August 2013
  • Group Exhibition, Gallery on 6th June 2013
  • Solo Exhibition, Gerard Sekoto Gallery September 2011
  • Solo Exhibition, Karen Durney-Staples October 2008
Margo Schöpf is represented by The Art Eye Gallery, 1st floor, Design Quarter, William Nicol Drive, Sandton
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